Client 1


TEQHUB combines AI and IoT to create advanced kiosk solutions that redefine interaction. The kiosks and robot were integrated with cutting-edge AI assistants like GPT-4, that offer natural and intuitive interactions. With IoT connectivity, they ensure seamless operation and real-time data exchange, enabling personalized responses and anticipatory service. TEQHUB vision is to develop intelligent kiosks that serve as companions, delivering exceptional user experiences and setting new standards for technology integration.

Client 2

Softtouch IT Infrastructure

Our work for this project involves creating tailored mobile applications and desktop application for Windows, ensuring each app performs optimally on its respective platform. We use the latest development tools to build responsive, secure, and user-friendly applications. Additionally, we lead the development of kiosk software and robotics integrated with AI Assistants using GPT-4 technology, showcasing expertise in cutting-edge AI applications.

Client 3

Haozhumetal Landing Page

Built in WordPress for a Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Manufacturer, which features dual language that showcase company profile and product lists.

Client 4


We developed customized WordPress websites, with a particular emphasis on e-commerce solutions. We aimed to create highly responsive, scalable, and user-friendly online stores, leveraging WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure top-notch performance, security, and SEO optimization which also includes collaborative development, project management, and e-commerce integration, contributing significantly to the enhanced online presence and sales success of our clients.

Client 5

Streaming Platform: Goohshi

Our work involves in the development of advanced live streaming platform, which featured robust Membership Registration and was built on a powerful Nginx server with RTMP for enhanced streaming quality. We implemented a versatile Subscription Feature and Reward and Monetization System to boost user engagement and revenue. Our collective efforts also focused on integrating adaptive bitrate streaming for seamless viewer experiences, deploying real-time analytics for insightful feedback, and embedding interactive tools like live chat and polling to cultivate an active and engaged community.

Client 6

Google Tv Application

Responsible for developing both the front and backend modules of a dynamic web application, utilizing CakePHP and jQuery for robust server-side and client-side functionality. We also integrated Flowplayer for media streaming capabilities, ensuring a seamless multimedia experience. The development of a Google TV application, adapting our web solution for the Google TV platform, focusing on creating an intuitive user interface and optimizing performance for TV-based interaction.

Client 7

Locker Storage Booking App

Our team developed Lockshare, an innovative locker storage booking application available on iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. Integrating features like a real-time map, seamless booking functionality, and comprehensive kiosk software, along with hardware API integration. We built the application using the latest mobile technologies, including React Native and Expo, ensuring a robust, cross-platform solution. Our collaborative efforts focused on delivering a user-friendly interface, ensuring reliability across different devices, and enhancing user engagement through intuitive navigation and efficient booking processes.